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    I believe all digitizers have these dots. For some reason they are just more apparent on webOS devices. I know my htc phones have these dots, but they are only visible if you really look hard... Or if you take digitizer off the phone.
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    I noticed those for the first time today, when I was shining my screen up to a nearly perfect mirror quality before applying my invisibleShield .. (which i immediately got a hair stuck on and couldn't remove.. sigh... damn pets.) so, yeah, not really noticeable, especialyl considering i do use my touchpad as a mirror pretty frequently lol
    hahaha, I got so much crap my on new screen protector, I trashed it. However, the electrodes don't bug me, I love the screen on this. The picture quality is amazing.
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    Wow, I thought I had somehow scratched my screen. Whew. Kinda annoying though.
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