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    I was just wondering if anyone was able to buy a demo unit from Walmart??

    If so.. how did they go about it.

    I was the local store and they had a demo TP, but the associate said that they cannot sell it "It is not ours to sell, will be sending it back to HP.."

    anyways.. just wondering if anyone had any luck and could help me out..

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    The demo unit is HP's property; at least that was the case when I was working at Staples. The retailer will likely get fined for selling it and it could also potentially affect employee bonuses for the quarter/year.

    Also, the demo unit has custom firmware on it that won't allow you to put an actual webOS account on it, so you can't download programs, download updates, etc. unless you can reflash it. Not sure how easy/difficult that is; haven't looked into it.
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    Doubt if you will be successful. The demo unit was actually shipped to walmart and sams club as an item with a retail cost. My store (Sams Club) listed the demo unit as a seperate item from the sellable ones. I looked it up and under our system the price was still $499. It never got marked down during the firesale. Last week my store finally got the return authorization for the demo unit and we got full credit. If the managers are smart, they wont sell it at a reduce price cause then they will be losing money.

    Still you might get lucky to get a manager that doesnt know better.
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    I bought two demos in a matter of a week. I returned one last Friday - The other, I shipped off to HP for WebOS install today. And hopefully, they will even repair or replace it due to the scratches on the back. The one I got on Monday - I got a $40 credit on yesterday - after speaking with a manager to say that, unlike what I was told, it DID show evidence of use and had scratches on it. Elsewhere here I have read of people paying as little as $50.00 for demos from Staples and $90 from Walmart. I kept the original total of $160 on my card - because I did not have it with me - and they subtracted $40 from a Touchstone charger that I bought. So it sort of balanced out, well, at least under these conditions where it is difficult to find even a 16gb for under $200.00.
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    I got one from Walmart.

    Went in the evening, had to wait an hour while they tried to get a manager.

    Manager told sales clerk if they could ring it up to sale it.

    the sales clerk scanned the box but it didn't recognize it. They then scanned the shelf tag with a hand scanner that told them the sku of a retail unit. They then manually entered the sku and sold it to me.

    Brand new in box never removed from glass case.


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