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    Is there an app or anything to add some parental controls to the browser? We're giving our second TP to our 13 year old nephew as his first "computer." Just to let him learn and play. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I would also like to know this. Mostly we wish to block ****ographic material.
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    I've been looking for something similar but the only method I was able to use was by changing the access settings on our WiFi router at home to only allow certain websites to be accessed by the Touchpad's MAC address. Depending upon your router there may be some nice admin tools to do this, however its not ideal cos any new websites have to be added manually and you can only control the access when its going through that router (i.e. there's no restrictions when they're using someone elses WiFi), its not a very elegant solution but it works.
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    The iphone/ipod touch have some nice options. IOS4 has built in parental controls where you have to enter a passcode. There is also a a browser app,, that looks pretty good. It would be great if the they could make a version for webOS. I think this would be a great opportunity for a dev to make some $ as alot of people would like to let their kids use their TP's.
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    nothing for touchpad. Unless you can send his traffic through a filtered DNS service. Better to buy him a pc and put it in a room where everyone can see him.
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    They have a monitored pc and laptops are not cool with kids The TP would be used to play games, read, and internet. I just emailed mobicip to ask if they will be making an app for HP TP. Maybe if they get enough requests they, or someone else, will make one.
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    You can add sites to the HOSTS file just like the Ad Blocker & Max Ad Blocker patches do for advertising sites. If you do a search, you will find several HOSTS files available that have adult sites included. Just copy the ones (or all) you want to the HOSTS file on the TouchPad & restart.

    What this does is whenever the device tries to access any site in the HOSTS file, the request gets redirected to LOCALHOST and nothing at all appears on screen. No placeholder or anything. This works for going to a site in the browser (* or even something embedded in the page like an advertisement for adult content.

    Yes, you might have to update it occasionally, but, unless your child is exceptionally persistent, even the base HOSTS file should be sufficient. There are literally thousands of sites in the files available online.
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    Most of the time I don't miss having more apps for webOS. But this is one kind I wish we had, so people didn't have to do major tech just to keep their kid from the worst of the junk out there.
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    I setup on my wireless router. It was very painless and easy to do.
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    I like the white list approach that MacOS and IOS have. I suppose we could do it through our routers, as others have pointed out, but it really would be nice to have a simple patch or application (or FEATURE... sigh...).
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