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    Get guys hoping to get my smb tp in soon by 2012 would be nice. My intentions were to Skype with my mom so she could see my son 3000 miles between us. I got her a tp does anyone else Skype all the time?

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    I use it so my dad can see and talk to my daughter. So far no problems its cools because my kid is still young sobimpossible to get her to sit still. I used it so he could see her playing in the back yard
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    I used Skype for a video call for over an hour yesterday and the touchpad worked great! No drops and the picture never froze. Good stuff
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    Awesome Thx guys

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    I had good success too for the most part. One thing that annoys me is that it doesn't rotate the picture in landscape. I know the the cameras is on the top but landscape is using more of the screen estate.
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    the outgoing video from the tp is quite choppy and sometimes pixelated. So a tp to tp call would suck on both ends. I've tested this on several tp2tp calls on the same WiFi network.

    the best for you to use the pc and your mom the tp so at lest she will, see a crystal clear image. I hope HP fix this in a firmware update

    also there are some compatibility issues with some versions of desktop or mobile Skype, so its not guaranteed to work with some devices
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    The video quality is terrible and the sound breaks up very often. I personally find it useless the way it is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibuyufo View Post
    The video quality is terrible and the sound breaks up very often. I personally find it useless the way it is.
    Yeah that has been my only disappointment with my TP.
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    Boooo lol

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    I agree. For the most part it works but the video is choppy. I Skype to someone who is using a MacBook air, and their picture is crystal and mine is pixelated. Its definitely on the TP side, but overall it works fine.
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    skype works but video is horrible.... i would give it 1 star... better than nothing...
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    I've skyped for over 16 hours. Audio, not video though. Conference even. No problems at all, crystal clear sound, everything works perfectly. It's REALLY nice to be able to do that on the touchpad.
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    I'm finding that if I Skype for too long, my TP starts to lag behind, and shortly after, it resets, and reboots my TP... I've had this happen on audio as well...
    Saying that, I've got prepare patches installed and I'm running uberkernel clocked to 1.5 ghz...
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    works ok here in the UK not the best quality but better than nothing.
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    I have three TPs in the family here in the UK. We have used Skype ok between all three and a windows PC. Providing they are not all on the same wireless LAN it works just fine, it would be nice to be able to force it to low quality/low bandwidth settings as it appears to go for the best and then run into trouble when packets are dropped. The pc version has a quality setting which I can set to low just fine,.

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    Skype worked great but like others reported the video from TP side is poor. Skyped about 1 hour and nice to move around with the tablet.
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    I've never seen a TP video stream, but everyone I Skype with is impressed with my TP's stream's quality. I now exclusively use Skype on the TP. I especially love being able to tether using Mobile Hotspot and making calls from anywhere. When I got stuck because of the hurricane it came in handy.
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    Guys is there any word of a standalone app for skype on pre 3 so one can log on and off change settings etc??

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