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    Hello Everyone

    I got the TP 32GB version.
    I bought it off ebay and had it shipped to me here in the Caribbean.

    My question is this
    I have a credit card with a US address and I used it to shop in the US.
    I have US based address etc

    When setting up the TP initially I selected United States as my location.
    However I some point I think it did detect my location as the Caribbean.
    My WebOS account says Country is United States.

    So why can't I get access to paid apps?
    I really don't mind paying for apps at all.
    Even Kindle doesn't work... say "This application is not available in your country"

    I am thinking to reset my TP and try to create a new webOS account. I already have it setup with uberkernal and stuff so before I do that I wanted to know if anyone knew of any workarounds

    Many thanks
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    I figured that it's one thing to have the webos account registered in one country but the app catalog is seperate. Once you selected the app catalog country on first start it cannot be changed from any settings in the OS.....

    I installed impostah from Webosquickinstall (didn't download for me from preware on the touchpad itself). Then in impostah you create a new account with the desired country and login. Then when you open the app catalog for first time with that account it will ask you for the country again. (The list is scrollable, didn't realise this the first time) and then you select the country you want with paid app support.

    Should work for you too!
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    Thanks for your reply.
    I installed Impostah....could you guide me through the steps? I am WebOS noob (very noob)

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