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    Ok. Was showing a friend who also bought a TP, how to speed up his TP, by disabling logging etc, when he asked me:

    "What is this pop-up tray that in on the TP?

    My first reaction was:

    "What pop-up tray?", as I hadnt seen one on my TP.

    So he showed me, and its there on mine as well:

    Its basically on the SAME side of the "Top" of the TP as the volume key(s), when its in Landscape mode, on the other end.

    If you look carefully, you will see the "cut out" of the tray, and if you press it with your fingernail, it pops up (but not completely out, like SD card slot covers do, in laptops).

    Seems to me that the "hole" that the pop-up tray is covering up is the same size as the volume key(s) button, AND the same size as the openings for the speakers below.

    Could this be a "dummy" tray for where HP was going to have a SIM card, or MicroSD card, in a future TP?

    Does every TP have this?

    Thoughts and feedback are appreciated....

    PS: I am happy to take a photo, and post it, if that is helpful.
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    It has your serial number on the back of it.
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    I'm pretty sure it's just to keep the design aesthetic of the same sized cutouts on every corner of the device (volume and speakers) while hiding the FCC ID and serial number so that the back of the TouchPad looks cleaner.
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    The iPhone also has its serial number and IMEI under the SIM tray.. FWIW.
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    I'm sure its because of mass production (that and what upsguy said) that they did not differentiate the chassis between the models, the WiFi one and there is a 64gb touchpad 3g.

    also there have been number of reports of 3g touchpads being sent to people instead of the WiFi version
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    There is actually a sim card tray in there, but it's not connected to anything.
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    gah i misread this as a poptart tray... i actually was happy about that for a bit >_>

    anyways like other people said, its for people to find out the device serial number in the event that the touchpad wont boot and you lost the box

    you didnt notice that it wasnt anywhere on the back?
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    So my little "drawer" popped open accidentally and I can't get it to close again... Anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CooLOnE View Post
    So my little "drawer" popped open accidentally and I can't get it to close again... Anyone?
    You have to push it in until it clicks again.
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    Sorry in advance for digging up an old thread.

    I was using a cheap 1 stylus on my TP last night. I wanted to store it somewhere when I remembered the little pop out tray. It's a perfect place for clipping on to - see attached.

    This device never stops giving

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