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    So a few days ago I moved all my music onto my TouchPad and had the issue with the album art showing up in the photos app due to the hidden JPEG files Windows puts in the folders when you add art.

    I wiped all the music from my TouchPad, went through my library and embedded all the album art directly to my files using MP3Tag and re-copied the newly updated files onto the TouchPad.

    Boot up my TouchPad again and all the previous album art is still showing up in the photos app, and only about half of my files have album art showing up.

    I've combed through every folder in the TP and deleted any image file I could find (there were some hidden the the .photosApp folder). Rebooted TP and it's still all showing up in the photos app, when I'm positive I've deleted the files from the device.

    The album art is indeed embedded in the files, so I don't know why it's not showing up in the music app.

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    I'm also frustrated with the album art issue - more because it is filling my Photos App with hundreds of album images. It makes the Exhibition slideshow unbearable as well. I've also searched and deleted all spurious images I can find in the USB storage area.
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    Would it be possible to patch the folder option to ignore the music directory?
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