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    Hey guys. I recently bought the touchpad and I LOVE IT!!! Its just great. I love watching shows and documentaries on there using flash. And the video is so vivid and crisp! Anyways! I've got a question about the calendars.

    I can't seem to add my own colours into the calendar. It only allows "accounts" to have color. So i just make my vet appointment on tuesday blue and my doctors appointment on tuesday red.

    Any solutions to this?

    Thanks a lot!
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    You'd have to put them on different calendars.
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    If you go to google or yahoo calendar, you can make additional calendars for different categories. Don't worry, they will all still show up in your calendar view, but you can assign them different colors. When you sync the Calendar on the TouchPad, the cloud calendars will sync down. In preferences you can change the colors. When you create a new event, just tap & select the calendar you want the event to be in.

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