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    About an hour or so ago I received an email from QVC Customer Support that they are, indeed, processing refunds on the TouchPads purchased from them.

    I had contacted them about two weeks ago asking them if they were planning to enact a refund for the TouchPad, and they replied that they were already in talks with HP regarding refunds and would let me know the outcome. They had previously credited my account for $110.00 (includes the tax on the bundle) when HP lowered the price by $100.00, and that is why I decided to contact them to see what they planned with the new pricing structure from HP.

    What happy news.
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    I paid 199.99 for my bundle.... $50 rebate for being a Pre- user, and $50 in app credit... for a 32 gig with case and TS.... no complaints here, other than I wish we would have kept the other bundle and gotten the 2nd rebate and 2nd 50 app credit.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    I, too, get the $50.00 early adopter rebate for being a Pre owner, and the $50.00 app credit. With the credit to my card account from QVC, that takes the price down to $199, plus the early adopter fee, and the early adopter app credit - Life is GOOD - Thanks, HP!

    The only thing that could make this any better is for webOSInternals to form their own company, buy webOS from HP, make it the acknowledged superior operating system we know it is on its way to being, and become gazillionnaires in the process.

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