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    I'm not sure if I missed something, but I manually changed the settings and am still getting the refresh issues on Yahoo Sports page. Do I need to install the patch on top of the manual changes? Anyone else getting the refresh issue after this fix?
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    cannot get the patch to work, install says garbage and email says login to send but I have logged in as I have typed this message. Any help please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PainToad View Post
    So it turns out webOS's browser cache is far too over aggressive, to the point that a web page will never show updates unless the refresh button is pressed. The only answer I've found? Totally disabling cache.

    Sure that means pages will load slower, but I still think that's better than a quick initial cache load followed by a manual refresh after realising your reading 3 hour old news.

    This will work with both the default browser and Advanced Browser.

    1. Install Preware if you haven't already (google will help you with this)
    2. Install Internalz Pro from Preware.
    3. Open Internalz Pro -> app name in top left corner of the screen -> Preferences -> turn on 'Master Mode' -> app name again -> close
    4. Open /etc/palm/browser-app.conf
    5. Change the following:


    6. Reboot your tablet (Luna restart isn't enough)
    7. Done

    <staff edit>
    **Note: A Patch is available from Jason R in post #59
    Excellent tip mate. Disabled the cache and it's the first time I've been able to watch a full video on iPlayer without it crapping out half way through. I like webOS but it's stuff like this that puts ordinary users off. Can't imagine trying to talk my mates through this.
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    just Wondering If this is still needed in 3.04?
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    Quote Originally Posted by battscrew1 View Post
    just Wondering If this is still needed in 3.04?
    patch does install wouldn't hurt :-)
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    Anyone know whether this is still necessary in 3.0.4?
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    Quote Originally Posted by brum View Post
    Anyone know whether this is still necessary in 3.0.4?
    I don't think so. It seems to behave properly now.
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    soo it is not needed?
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    Quote Originally Posted by slamdunksaliby View Post
    soo it is not needed?
    any answer to this for touchpad up to date today?
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    For everything!
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    Each version they keep changing the cache setting. With 3.0.5 they seemed to increase the amount compared to earlier versions.
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    why don't you just go and delete the cache every now and then? Works fine for me!
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