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    I don't know if others are experiencing this issues but every now and then my touchpad gets on a reboot frenzy. Is random so I don't know what's causing it but it basically doesn't matter what app I have open or what I'm doing it reboots every 30 seconds until I turn off and back on. Once I boot it up it stops. WTH? Any ideas?
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    Have you tried doctoring it to see if its a software issue?
    I would try that and see if that fixes it, if you're comfortable doing that.

    I have re-booting issues as well, but not like yours. Mine are random and will happen after switching between apps. It's like the system freaks out doesnt know what to do and then just reboots. I actually have a box from HP to send mine in for warranty work but will probably wait and see if i can fix it by doctoring it again. I did it twice and it seems to be getting better, but who knows.

    Pretty much if its annoying you, start with HP support and they will probably have your restart it... cause that is their first step for everything and then eventually move on to doctoring it before working up a repair order.

    good luck.

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