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    why can't I access hotmail on their website on my touchpad? It is bringing up a page called localhost now, before it brought up the page but no login spots.
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    I noticed the same thing the other say. At first I though that there was something wrong with the website but I tried it on my laptop later on and it worked fine.
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    Found some instructions here that may help
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    Why not just add an excahnge account with
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    Can't find the link now, but
    point the browser to (notice the s for secure)
    choose to use the secure server, then and ignore the warning about upgrading the browser on the hotmail page (click 'continue with ....'.
    and you should be in.

    sorry for the vague instructions, but I don't have the TP with me now and I can't find the original post.
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    Why not just add an excahnge account with
    Because the TP hotmail exchange account is very limited (only inbox, emails limited to recent, can't link to other hotmail accounts, etc.). If I log in the hotmail account web page, I can see all my other created folders, including my sent folder which contains all my sent emails. The hotmail exchange account's sent folder only contains emails sent from TP. Also, on the hotmail web page, I have access to skydrive, contacts, etc.

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