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    When I use my Touchpad and try to login to a site it just brings me back to the login page. Is their a way that this can be fixed? Thanks.
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    What's the website? :/
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    The same thing happens to me when trying to access my university website (regardless of my wifi connection.. it happens wherever my touchpad is connected). I've posted this in another area, but curious what site the original poster is trying to log in to.

    The site that behaves like described above (log in with correct credentials > no error or anything > brings you back to log on page) is
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    Quote Originally Posted by MicahDG View Post
    What's the website? :/
    This forum and several others I've tried.
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    yeah seems to be bug with the browser
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    Try refreshing the login page after logging in. I notice sometimes on these forums that it doesn't show me logged in until I navigate to any forum page or topic, or until I refresh the page. But I'm definitely typing this from my touchpad's browser. If that doesn't work, clear the cache/cookies etc.
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    just hit refresh.. I think its something to do with the cache
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    Very annoying indeed. Logging in to amazon didnt work for me, had to order a case from my desktop . Also: the browser really needs support to upload local files from touchpad.
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    Typical php forum problem, happens across the board on every device everywhere from time to time.
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    I have logged into these forums, Amazon, ESPN, and NFL, just off the top of my head. Ohh also some other random forums, registered and logged in from TP.
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    Refresh the page after entering credentials. It does it to me all the time as well.
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    I've experienced this as well, on a few other forums. I suddenly find myself logged out, and when I go to log back in, it acts as if I put in the wrong password, or just brings me right back to the login page, and I'm never able to successfully log in.

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