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    I'm having the same problem as these folks. thought I need to repeat them here to get more attention.

    ---I loaded up several PDFs (academic journal papers) onto my Touchpad and opened them using the builtin PDF reader. However, the text is simply not sharp, especially once I zoom to a more legible size.

    --- I bought this pad for work to read structural drawings while in the field and with the touchpad i can't zoom in far enought to read the drawings and the ones i can zoom into are fuzzy and not legable. The pdf viewer limits how far you can zoom in. I know it's not the file because i can zoom in on my phone and the computer but if i have to use those i don't need a touchpad. I have 75 days left on my return policy and if HP can't figure it out by then i'm going to go buy an Ipad. 

    ---I think everyone should report this bug to HP / Palm and Adobe as well, to bring a little more attention to this issue.

    To write to HP / Palm use this link: Feedback & Feature Requests | Palm USA

    To report a bug / request a feature to Adobe, use this link (make sure you refer to the HP Touchpad and webOS in your description):


    Hope this gets solved soon

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    go ahead and buy your ipad, don't get your hopes up that this kind of thing will be fixed in 75 days. If it's a deal breaker for you save the frustration and get the ipad if that's what will do the job for you.
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    Hopefully there will be a fix or a third party app to resolve this sooner rather than later. I do know there are several high quality iPad PDF apps. I used one by Readdle but I do not think they do any TP apps. In any event I would be surprised if the issue will be resolved within your return window.

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