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    Quote Originally Posted by Shineon View Post
    I had glass separation on the left side of the tablet and noticed it the second day after purchase (firesale of the 32GB tablet). It was pretty bad. I could almost see inside. I contacted HP and they had no problem having me send it in for repair with the option for expedited repair for $30 or an advanced exchange for $60. After talking with them about 4 times, they agreed to an advanced exchange for free. I received the replacement the next day. The replacement has glass separation in the exact same area (left side in the middle) but is not nearly bad as the original. It was a pain in the ****, but they did hook me up and stated they new about the issue. That was after speaking to someone 4 times though. I LOVE webOS, almost glad they are staying away from the hardware....almost :-). I'm so glad i was able to get back to webOS with the tablet!
    didn't you have to pay a fee for hp to put on hold until they get back your damaged unit?

    they asked me to pay 349! :-(
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    my two are perfect in every way. no cracks, separations, perfect display colors/whites, slim to none backlight bleed
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