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    Ok been really enjoying "trusty" the TP. I am receiving email updates on my TP but when I go to the browser and try to open up I get the error no internet connection on the screen.

    internet is on
    wireless router is on and working.

    what have I turned off or messed up on "trusty"

    I did try to find this answer.......

    updated webOs etc.

    was working great.

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    For what it's worth, I have had the same problem......usually about once a day. In my case, I think it is an internet connection problem, not a touchpad problem. (Whenever this happens, if I unplug and re-set my router, it works fine.

    I think it is some kind of IP address conflict with another computer. (I have had this problem before with other notebook computers in the house....where one of them would occasionally lose the connection when the others were working fine. I finally had to call tech support for the router, and they walked me through changing the connection parameters to avoid the conflict and correct the problem.)

    I have not had a chance to call them yet, so for now, when I get the "no internet connection" message, I just unplug the router and replug it and the touchpad connects fine.
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    Out of curiosity, what kind of routers are you two using?
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    my HP touch pad keeps displaying this same msg. No other computers are logged on an I have a brand new nether router. What's up?
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    experiencing the same as well...
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    Anyone having problems using a D-link router with 802.11n enabled?
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    So this hasn't been resolved? I can trick the touchpad by swiping the notification and pressing WiFi- even though its already connected - it will allow it to show me the webpage. But I have to do this almost constantly.

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