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    I tried searching, but couldn't find an answer. Anyway, I have my Touchpad set to go into standby after 2 minutes, but the problem is it is doing this even during a video. Is this a known issue and if yes is there a fix?

    EDIT: I changed the standby time and once I did that it seemed to fix itself so I guess this post can be ignored.
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    Everytime I stream ESPN Radio or podcast the touchpad worked great for two weeks. Now, everytime I try and stream the screen will lock up and interrupt my stream.

    I didn't change any of the settings. I thought the screen was not suppose to lock up as long as there was activity. How can I avoid this annoying interruption?
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    The strange thing is, when i first got the touchpad I didn't change the standby time and it streamed for hours at a time. I listened to like 3 hours of radio. but last week the screen started to lock up in two minutes. I changed it to 20 minutes but that still sucks. Is there a way to turn that standby option off? I can't find it
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    Ok I had this problem this morning too when streaming from grooveshark. When the screen goes off and locks the stream stops. However when I place the device on the touchstone it will continue streaming when exhibition mode starts. I'm at work now and will play more later but is anyone else having this issue ? Surely this is not "a feature". Could really do with knowing if this is happening to others to help me work out if it is something in the settings.
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    Is your wifi set to stay on all the time or turn off when it times out?
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    good idea but already checked that. Definitely set to stay on when sleep. Doesn't happen on native music app so only internet streaming. You must be on right lines. I'll check router settings to. Any one else finding this
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    ok it only happens when streaming audio. Watching BBC iPlayer is fine and screen stays on. Also work around for audio is to start exhibition mode manually so I guess not a big problem really. Still these little things bug me until I find an answer . Any ideas ?
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    funny, because pauses when the screen turns off, but when using the app (a Mojo app running in a window) the music does not stop when the screen turns off.
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    Found a quick solution everybody.
    The quick solution is to just restart the HP touchpad. I did that and no longer have this issue
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    Well I just ran into the same problem was working perfectly yesterday.

    Screen locks when listening to Pandora on the browser(tried all 3 browsers private, advanced, stock), which disables the music. It started today when I had the touchpad out listening to Pandora as I was working in the garage. It did not do this yesterday when I was listening to Pandora. The screen never locked and, in effect, cut out the music when I used it yesterday.

    The only thing I did last night was update Preware to v1.8.3, Unthrottle Download Manager to v3.0.2-26, and Muffle System Logging to v3.0.2-23.

    Could it be possible one of the updates "broke" it? Anyone else having this problem?
    Of course, the option "Turn Off After" can be extended from 1minute, 2minute, 5minutes, and 10minutes, but I didn't have to mess with this setting at all when Pandora worked yesterday.

    I posted a new thread here:
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    Well...I restarted my touchpad and that seems to have fixed the issue. Very peculiar indeed...

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