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    Hi guys,

    Had a search but couldn't find any advice or solutions.

    I have two hotmail accounts and a googlemail account set up on my touchpad. They sync emails perfectly. My only issue is that when I've 'read' an email elsewhere such as my laptop or PC, the email remains 'unread' (in bold) on the touchpad. This happens for all the email accounts.

    Should this be updating like it does on my laptop and PC? Is there a setting I have to select? Or is this just the way the touchpad is and something I have to accept.

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    I'm not for sure if that's the way it's supposed to work or not but it's definitely the way it's working for me. On my iPhone I have Hotmail setup as an Exchange account, so I can get the benefits of push e-mail. On my TouchPad, when I set Hotmail up as an Exchange account, I lose HTML in my e-mail so I set it up as a regular imap/smtp type account (just added an account and entered my hotmail e-mail. The TP did the rest). If I delete the e-mail on the TP then it shows up as deleted on my iPhone. If I just read the e-mail on my TP, then it doesn't show up as read on my iPhone. I'll have to check but I believe that if I read the e-mail on my iPhone, it will show up as read on my TP.
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    Ditto here folks...this is exactly what I'm seeing and it's annoying as hell.
    Reading email in Hotmail elsewhere (via browser or through windows live mail client) is syncing to server, but not back down to my Touchpad....even tried deleting hotmail account and re-adding but no dice.
    Gonna try and delete account and then reboot to see if makes a difference.
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    Sorry to bump an old topic, but has anyone had any luck with finding a solution to this "issue." I'm tired of reading e-mails on my computer, only for them to show as "unread" on the touchpad until I manually fresh the account in the Mail app. Mail pushes just fine, it just doesn't update the read-state until I take action. Very annoying.
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    Isn't this just the way it works? Believe me, I have the same grievance. And if someone can explain it in better terms, feel free, because I have only a rudimentary grasp of what I'm talking about...but doesn't "Synergy" work by usually acting as a POP/IMAP receiver for these accounts? Anyone who tried linking their Hotmail account to Outlook back in the day would tell you the same thing: if you read your emails in Outlook and then logged into Hotmail via a browser, they would still appear unread. I always assumed that whatever you were receiving was simply a copy of whatever went to your primary email address, and hence why reading it/deleting it would have no effect on the actual inbox/server of your email provider.

    Again, someone feel free to correct me on this.

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