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    So I got an extra TP for my brother and set it up for him by created a new Palm Profile with his email address and a generic password that he can change later.

    I updated the OS, installed Preware and OC'd the TP for him - but he just told me he want's the TP set up for his wife, instead.

    Is there a way to "swap" out the Palm Profile to a new one? I know doing a full device reset will accomplish this but I'm trying to avoid that.

    Thanks so much for the help!
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    I"m curious about a related item. If I set up a TP for a friend and installed Uberkernel, govnah, and the various patches, then do a device reset to remove my account info, will this also wipe out all the changes I made? I would love to set the TP up with all the performance enhancing drugs, but allow him to go through the set up process as if it were new.

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