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    I have had had my TP now for 2 weeks. I love it - its a real joy to use. It is my first tablet as well. I have done the various recommended patches and tweaks and i run F4 kernel. All the patches, tweaks, and F4 defintely made an improvement. But there are still some other tweaks i would like to see:

    1)Java support - i'd love to have java support onthe touchpad. Why? After doing to the user agent spoof (which works great) i can now access my edit page for my zenfolio site, However i cant upload files to it since the multi file uploader needs java on the mac.

    2) Delete Key - i really want a delete key on the touchpad

    3) Adobe reader - i really want to be highlight text in pdfs as i do on windows

    4) An easy way to add additional tabs to the launcher. Yes i know there is the add launcher tabs which i applied but i really want an easy way to add custom tabs. I know there is the ability to go in and edit the files manually but to have a patch in which one could set what tabs to add well that would be great.

    5) Along with #4, an easy way to organize the app icons, something akin to iOS where there can be folders that contain mulitple icons.

    thats what i would like.
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    I'm right there with you on Java support. While and RDP client is at the top of my list of wants / needs, there's one that I've found that works absolutely perfectly but it's Java based; so as a result, Java support would kill 2 birds with one stone for me.

    I'd kill for it, but unfortunately I don't see that one happening.

    Also, are you using the Add Launcher Tabs that auto adds the Games and Homebrew tabs, or are you using the other patch that's on the forums that gives you more control over the process (names and number of tabs I believe; haven't had the time to play with it yet unfortunately).
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