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    Hi all,

    I've been trying/looking out for ways to watch anime on my TP but so far I'm out of luck. I've tried online streams (flash based) and offline downloaded .mkv (using native apps).

    Here is my experience so far:

    Local/Offline Native apps:

    I've tried native apps like Touchplayer and Kalemsoft and they play videos fine. However, it won't show the subtitles.

    **FYI, most of anime fansub groups use .mkv and embedded subtitles.

    Doing some further research, it seems that that function is not yet available for the native apps which is understandable.

    So I can conclude, that for now, third party apps are a no go.

    Streaming Anime Sites:

    There are a LOT of sites that stream anime over the net. Almost all of the anime that I watch are there. The quality is "so so" but since I'm watching it with the TP, it is very acceptable.

    However, I got one major issue. It is sooo HARD to rewind/forward using the progress bar. I've tried sliding it, tapping it .. nothing. Sometimes it works but it is kinda off to where I want it to be. Anyway, it is one important feature because if the subtitles are so fast and missed reading it, you have to rewind back to read it again. Flash controls are so hard to manipulate.

    I've tried orb (amazing!) which streams my videos from my pc server but plays it as flash on your TP. The problem with orb is that subtitles are also not shown and you can't rewind/forward as well.

    So it looks like, as of now, the TP is not anime (with subs) friendly. I've had high hopes that it would be my anime tablet but its ok, It had so much other cooler stuff anyway

    So guys, how do you watch your anime with the TP?

    All suggestions are golden! Online or Offline streaming, apps, local files, etc .. whatever is on your mind would be appreciated so much.

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    Kalemsoft doesn't support subtitles yet but they state it's being worked on. As fo right now, the only way I've been able to watch anime is for it to be an English Dub.

    Not what you're looking for, but right now there isn't an app that has subtitle or secondary audio (that I'm aware of) available on for the TouchPad; but there should be shortly.
    Long live webOS!
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    pray for vlc one day.
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    I don't have a Touchpad yet, but just curious as to what streaming sites you use. Crunchyroll almost exclusively for me.
    Touchscreens are a fad.
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    Re-encode them in mp4 with hardsubs using handbrake or freemake. Watch them with kalem or internal media player.
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    Good points about the subtitles and lack of fast forward and rewind while watching videos.

    I got 90% through one of my anime episodes online using flash and something happened so I started it over again to find out I couldn't fast forward to the point I left off. Not that big of a deal to me, but I could see how it would be a pain if it was something I did often.

    I am working on my own streaming solution using VLC. I have not tested it with subtitles yet, but that is something I will need to do.
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    When you watch videos in flash players, remember to either go into full screen mode or double-tap on the video. This will bring the video and its controls into sharper focus and allow for you to raise the volume, pause, fast forward, rewind, etc...

    I've used the site and it plays everything perfectly as well as controls being very easy to use. My wifi connection is strong though, between 19-24 mbps.
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    Streaming anime/shows is a bad idea if only because it probably drains the battery about three times faster.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedinat View Post
    Streaming anime/shows is a bad idea if only because it probably drains the battery about three times faster.
    I actually thought about that too.

    How about streaming through WIFI LAN (not internet) like Kalemsoft?

    Streaming through website, since it uses flash, is probably a battery hog, don't know about wifi lan.
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    best solution would still be watching your .mkv's through a vlc port, best standalone player out there and has good sub+audio switching support.

    i remain hopeful ittl rear its head 1 day.
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    Have you tried ORB? may work for ya
    But as far as anime goes, I just re-encode my using Handbrake with the HP Touchpad Profile and just use the Native player to watch it.
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    Thanks! Unfortunately, Orb can't display subtitles But Orb is freakin awesome! I just wish that subtitles will happen in the future.

    I just tried Handbrake and its also awesome. The funny thing is I download the mkv anime for less than a minute but I encode it for 15 minutes just to watch it over my TP. I wonder if Handbrake supports 4 cores.

    Anyway, what settings are you using? I read that disabling B Frames (setting it to 0) removes lags. Don't know much about transcoding so sharing your handbrake settings would be awesome.

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    I am also praying for a VLC port of some sort, or at least a media player just as capable. I don't want to re-encode my collection just to play it on my Touchpad. Drag N drop mkv files is the way to go...but just needs a capable media player =\ Well, guess I have to watch Dubbed Death Note for now...

    They already have VLC for iOS:

    VideoLAN - VLC media player for iOS

    And a working BETA for Android:

    VideoLAN - VLC media player for Android

    =[ if only there will be one for webos on the TP, that would make the TP a multimedia monster. please contact VLC group and ask for a WebOS release!

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