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    Hi, I am interested in buying the HP Touchpad but i'm curious about a few things. I currently share a laptop with my wife after my HP Touchsmart tx2 gave up the ghost and refuses to start. I'm interested in TP as its a pain to share a laptop with a Facebook addict.

    The only thing I do outside of normal Internet usage is collect flv. videos (from YouTube and EA Sports fifa website). I was wondering if the TP has an app to rip and save flv. videos from such websites. And also view them offline (like VLC Media player or something).
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    Give the TouchPad to your Facebook addict wife and keep the laptop for yourself.
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    I'd recommend trying the touchpad out for yourself as well. You may end up wanting one for the both of you. I myself have a tPad and been a Pre (Plus) phone and find my laptop and desktop usage decreasing more and more.
    The Facebook app is nice, but you can just as easily use the browser. As for ripping flash vids, offhand I'm not positive if there's a specific app as of yet. I do believe there's a YouTube ripper available.

    Good luck and welcome!

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