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    I got my TP yesterday and I have been trying to do the software update and every time it says "cannot connect, try again later". I'm getting frustrated, I am connected via wifi, I can surf, e-mail, check facebook & twitter. Any help with this would be great.
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    Try to do a reboot (hold the power and reset the device) and see if that helps... I couldn't update after I Doctored it (for the third time) and I had to do a quick reboot and it connected and did the update.
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    BY reboot - do you mean just powering off and then back on or something else? If so I have done that a few times and still no luck.

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    Try a hard reboot which is like on an idevice machine! Hold power and home buttons at the sametime for 10 sec. My dads touchpad wouldnt update as well. So i told him to try until it goes thru which took him about 5 tried to get it update.

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