I'm using a HP Touchpad with WebOS 3.0.2 and the WiFi-Router ZTE MF60 Mobile Hotspot.

I can connect via WiFi to the Mobile Hotspot and it's able to login into the Mobile Hotspot Admin-Website. On this site I must enter the PIN of the SIM card. In the Webbrowser on a Windows PC (Internet Explorer 8) or on a iPad2 (Safari) the ASP-Site will displayed correctly. Only on the Webbrowser of my HP Touchpad the frame with the PIN-Request-Page is empty.

Backgroundinfo: The website start with the startpage. If no PIN is entered previously, you will redirect to the PIN-Request-Page. The information of the startpage will displayed correctly, the redirected PIN-Request-Page is empty. Both sites are ASP-Pages.

Have anyone an idea, where the problem is ?

Thanks for your help.