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    What are safe temps for the touchpad? Im hitting 37-38 under load at 1.5 Ghz, around 28-30 idle.
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    "Safe" temps probably vary from TP to TP but Im sure there are some general ranges that can be determined. I'm running a little cooler than those temps overall. At idle, 26 to 28 or so. But at load I'm at mid to lower 30s. Using Uberkernal OnDemand profile.
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    The question is safe for what? I would say below 50 is safe but batteries like cooler temperatures.
    I would try to stay below 40.
    Old devices shut down when the battery reaches 60.
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    I would say no more then 40C... any more then that and it would start to get uncomfortable to hold...
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    Every time I check mine using Govnah its right around 35C. Doesn't seem to matter if playing Angry Birds or email or browsing or picked up off the touchstone. Always the same 35-36C. Have not checked it idle off the charger.
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    I've seen mine at 39, but that's after using it nonstop for a few hours at 1.7ghz. With both cores locked together.

    I wouldn't worry about it.

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