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    Power down both devices, and restart them. Once they are both back on, go back up to Post #15 and try my instructions again. Always start your freeTether first, then fire up the WiFi on the TouchPad. Report back.
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    I'll try this tomorrow from work (where my Pre is the only available WiFi)
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    Finally got it working. Woohoo
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    BTW, I got tethering over wifi with my TouchPad gworking by following the earlier instructions of turning wifi off on the TP before starting freeTether. Along the same lines, I find it helpful to turn off wifi (disconnecting) again on the TP before shutting down freeTether.
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    does this type of "tethering" connection between the TP and Palm Pre 2 allow you to utilize the Phone and SMS features on the TP?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sledge007 View Post
    No it should definitely not be installed on your TouchPad. freeTether is what makes the WiFi signal broadcast from your phone, to your TouchPad (or laptop). Since there isn't a 3G/4G radio in your TouchPad, freeTether would do nothing for you. (and if you did have one of those radios in your TouchPad, you wouldn't need freeTether).
    So hey, I actually installed Freetether on my TP and have since removed I cant seem to get my bluetooth to turn on. it just sticks in a turning on loop or something. any chance that you know of that I could have killed my TP's bluetooth when i messed with Freetether?
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