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    I was wondering if anyone else is having problems checking their system update. Mine opens but the circle "hourglass" just keeps spinning. I thought I read somewhere HP has an update coming soon and was just checking. I wouldn't have thought too much about it but this issue started over the weekend and is still that way.
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    I've run into the same issue on 3.04
    anyone help ?
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    Do you have webos update disabled or some kind of connection issue? I turned off my automatic update so I can stay at 3.0.2.

    With webos update disabled, I get the spinning circle if I try to update.
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    doesn't work for me
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    If you're on 3.04 there is no later update so worry about it when/if there's ever another one.
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    I had to delete a ton of junk, the 15gb of rubbish I deleted let me update when I couldn't beforehand.
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    I think that HP will release one more update. I hope they will to fix a lot of crap that came with 3.0.4.
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    I'm having the same issue, running 3.0.4 currently. I know there's not a new update, but it worries me anyways.

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