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    If you had to accept a reconditioned TP from HP due to your original device having a defect that required an exchange can you please share with me if you are happy with the build quality of the reconditioned TP?

    I have the option of either keeping my original 5 day old TP or return it to HP and accept a reconditioned TP in exchange. I believe that I was ill advised my the HP butler rep that my original TP was defective and required an exchange. Turns out she was misinformed and my original TP is in fine working order. Now I have the replacement TP and I am not sure which one to keep? Honestly I can't tell if the replacement TP is new or reconditioned. Looks brand new to me. Regardless one needs to go back. Which one?

    They have a $275 hold on my CC. Most likely to assure at least one unit is returned.

    Any suggestions?
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