Sorry if this has been asked before, I used the search to no avail...

16GB Touchpad overclocked with Warthog kernel running at 1.7 ghz.

This is what I get...

When i do a full restart, not luna restart or whatever, and click on a big game (Need for Speed HP), no card pops up signifying loading, instead it just sits there. I can open other apps, or just let it sit there and do its thing, but no joke it takes like, 45 seconds to finally go to a black screen and load up Need for Speed, when it does its beautiful though.

Now, if this is normal, it doesn't bother me, but could anyone else confirm this?

I'm running all the optimization/speed tweaks, and smaller apps (internet, mail, calendar) all pop up real quick, but if you are opening up any large file game for the first time since you've rebooted it just seems to take forever!