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    Lack of quality zoom - Being able to send over 10 megapixel pics and be able to zoom them at full quality would be ideal.
    Amen to that. Again, I thought it was me using the silly thing incorrectly. As a photographer it's pretty vital that I can zoom into any sized photo on the TP and see it at the screens full resolution for that zoomed area of the picture - not the horrible, useless, fuzzy mess that I currently get!

    There a lot more basic issues with tablet than I ever thought there would be. I really quite like WebOS, but it's getting less and less appealing by the day.

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    well this is highly disappointing. one of the reasons I got this thing was a cheap photo viewer. It doesn't help if stuff is not in order... c'mon HP, this should not be an issue at this point in time.
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    After much work, I found the way to sort photos in the Gallery. I used a metadata editor called PhotoMe. It is free on line.
    When you open a photo, you should find a metadata tag ID 132 called Image/File Change date and time. You can change this using the application PhotoMe. Adjust the dates so that the first file has the latest date.
    Note: I had one photo that did not have this tag. I had to export the EXIF data from a photo that did have this tag and then import it into the one that did not. Then change it.
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