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    It's been hot lately (90f-100f. My room is like an over). I figure that probably has something to do with it. I was just wondering what Battery temps you guys are seeing with your TP? I remember seeing my TP as low as 32c and as high as 38c, I am overclocked and patched btw F4 Phantom@ 1.7ghz. Anyways today while using my TP I noticed the back felt hot, I checked the temps and the damn thing is running 40-44c. I read in another article that over 50c are bricking temps. So I was a bit concerned, especially when I realized that it had just been sitting there doing nothing. It was literally getting hot by just being idle. I removed F4 and my TP is still running hot. I decided to just shut it down and let it be, I really don't wanna brick this thing. Yesterday and Today has been a bit hotter than usual (it's always hot in my room), I hope that's why I'm seeing these higher Temps.
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    That room certainly isn't helping. For what it's worth, here are my stats:

    Temperature controlled room at 72deg with Warthog running @ 1.728 for a week
    -Idle temps are down into the 26-28C range
    -Usage temps float around 29-32C
    -Charging temps (on the Touchstone) run around 34-36C
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    Turn on A/C

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