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    Touchpad 150
    Case 25
    2 touchstones 80
    plus tax and shipping
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    Quote Originally Posted by plasticslug View Post
    $55 seems to be the norm. Did not get mine yet so comment if they are worth it or not.
    Totally worth it. I might get another one.
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    $99 - 16gb Touchpad - BJs
    $9.99 - BJs Protection Plus (2 years)
    $5 - Generic ipad silicone protector - CVS (dust/hair magnet, but allows the kids to handle the Touchpad without worries of it slipping out of their hands)
    $39.99 - hp Touchpad BT keyboard - Staples
    $28.50 - Phillips ipad case - Target (folds into multiple positions like the hp case...OK but probably not as good as the hp case)
    $49.00 - Touchstone - Cost Central
    $45.99 - Touchstone - hp (for my family's future Touchpad OR a secondary station for mine if I can't score another one)
    I'm afraid to add up app purchases and movie purchases, etc. so other than that:

    $277.47 (+ taxes and apps/movies, etc)

    I'm VERY happy with all of this
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnyfever View Post
    Totally worth it. I might get another one.
    I think $45 is the lowest I've seen them on Amazon.
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    $125 32GB Touchpad - HP Small Medium Business
    $89 with tax - touchstone (bought 2 @$40)
    $60 - wireless Bluetooth keyboards (bought 2@$29.99)
    $43 - Acase leather case, supposedly much nicer than the HP case.

    Total so far $317

    Will be buying an inverter for the car... $29.

    And I thought it was a bargain at $125 for the touchpad and didn't buy the accessories when they were discounted and available.

    Who would have known that I would spend more for the accessories than the Touchpad itself.
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