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    32Gig TouchPad FREE FREE FREE
    2 TouchStones $80 total
    Verizon Folio $5
    Verizon Case $4
    Meritline Folio $12
    Meritline stand $7
    2 Meritline Screen protectors $8
    3-pack screen protectors ebay $7
    Apps $0.99 (preware docs)

    Altogether = $124 so far.

    If it had not been for this free TouchPad, I don't think I'd be using a tablet - ever. Now I want another TouchPad.
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    I got my first touchpad for $500, plus the $50 BuyBack program at Best Buy day 1, yo! Then, some peeps up in NoCal called and wanted me to participate in a paid weeklong evaluation and testing product research program - for $150! Did it, got the check.

    Then, got the $50 for free apps.

    Then, HP quit, they folded, they caved, they gave up the ghost. That was followed by announcements from BB that they would take my TP back if I returned it no later than 60 days from the purchase date (old policy was 14 days on tablets). I thought i was going to reutrn the thing and get half of my purchase price since I had the buyback insurance.

    Then came the fire sale. Went to several Office Depot in Southern Cal - no luck.

    Went to BB after seeing on this website that BB had reserved its decision and was gonna sell their inventory and was dropping prices to match HP's deal. Stood in line with 60 or so people - I was in the middle of the pack. Manager started counting and stopped at ME! I got the last one (he wouldn't sell two to the family in front of me - whew!)

    Manager also told me that they would price match on my first TP. So, I got the refund on the first one, meaning I had paid $200 total for two 16gb TPs.

    If you take into account the app credit and the research payment, then, I paid ZERO for two Touchpads!!! HP is the greatest company in the whole world!!

    Of course, I didn't get any compensation for the pain and emotional distress I have suffered since June 2009... I presume that check will be sent "in the coming months" to "make it right."
    Palm III -> Palm m500 -> Zire 71 -> Zire 72 -> Treo 700p -> Palm Pre Minus -> TWO Touchpads 16gb -. and unfortunately, a Motorola Photon 4G...
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    touchpad - $150
    case - $22
    touchstone - $40
    keyboard - $30

    so about $250? not bad all said and done
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    Easily $200 in apps and accessories (at firesale prices)
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    $80 for touchstone, folio case & charger (staples price-matched firesale prices for me).

    Problem is I'm still hoping to get my hands on a TouchPad!
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    32GB TouchPad - $150 x 3
    Touchstone- $40 x 3
    OEM Bluetooth Keyboard - $35 x 3
    HP case - $25 x 2
    Targus Truss case - $25 x 1
    Incipio Kickstand - $12 x 1
    Costco Leather Sleeve (came with 1 I bought) - $0 x 1

    After taxes and shipping, just over $800 for 3 fully accesorized TouchPads.

    I have a Best Skins Ever on my Nexus One and I considered getting some for the TPs, but decided against it just because they're in cases and it's pretty unnecessary if I won't be slipping it in my pocket and bag and what not like I do my phone.

    I really, really hate the OEM case... I had 3 and wanted to return them all, but since it's the only one that works with the Touchstone I kept 2 and returned 1. Got the Targus case which I absolutely love, and the Incipio case on the way. If the Incipio case is decent, I may order a couple more and return the HP cases, and then slip the units out of the sleeves if I want to use the Touchstone. Alternatively, I may return the Touchstones. Still got about a week and a half left to return them, so I'll decide then... I only really wanted the Touchstones so I can prop the device up while using the BT keyboard and thought it'd be cool if it's charge too... but not really worth it for me if I can prop up the device using the cases I have.

    I really love the Targus Truss case. Very well built, professional-looking, and it does a great job in protecting the device. I could see why some would say it's bulky, but I like the little bulk - feels like my device is better protected. One thing I don't like is that when the device is propped up, the sound is muffled cause the speakers project the sound into the table... but that's really a TP design flaw more than anything.
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    HP TouchPad Wireless Keyboard FB344AA#AC3 eBay w/BillMeLater 49.99 -10.00= 39.99

    HandHelditems(TM) HP TouchPad Anti-Fingerprint, Anti-Glare, Matte Finishing Screen Protector (Free HandHelditems Sketch Universal Stylus Pen) $9.84

    total of $233.78 for $700 worth of items! nOice! this was fuNn (=
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    $ 500.52 - 3 x 32GB TP's
    -425.00 - sold 2
    75.52 - My unit

    $ 4.97 - Verizon Case
    4.97 - Verizon Folio
    43.69 - TouchStone from OfficeDepot
    $ 53.63

    Total Spent - 129.15............

    Kids being able to enjoy playing, doing their homework and checking on their grades online without going back and forth in their desktop pc.....PRICELESS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by katamus View Post
    16GB Touchpad and leather folio case/stand $179.99 bundle.

    Going to end up buying another case, screen protectors, and a touchstone soon.

    Recommendation... Anti-glare screen protectors or clear? I hate detracting from screen quality with anti-glare but sometimes its like looking in a mirror on my TP.
    clear unless you want a blurry screen
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    Quote Originally Posted by popologuy View Post
    Of course, I didn't get any compensation for the pain and emotional distress I have suffered since June 2009... I presume that check will be sent "in the coming months" to "make it right."

    I paid:
    $99.99 One 16GB PalmPad (HP TouchPad) - At BestBuy
    $99.99 Wife's PalmPad - Same place (BB)
    $19.99 HP Folio Case - At Office Depot
    $19.99 Wife's Folio Case - Same place (OD)
    $39.99 TouchStone - Same place (OD)

    All this plus taxes of course and so far just around $5 in apps, plus gas for an SUV with a V8 and food for two kids, the wife and I, plus other expenses, for the weekend of early 8/20/11 to late 8/21/11, plus more gas on 8/23/11 (when I learned of the firesale prices for the accessories at Office Depot) so I guess a little over $500


    Quote Originally Posted by popologuy View Post
    Of course, I didn't get any compensation for the pain and emotional distress I have suffered since June 2009... I presume that check will be sent "in the coming months" to "make it right."
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    If you count all of my TP stuff (quite a bit of which is still waiting on that new stock pile of TPs to be built for HP)

    1 x 32GB TP (bought day 1 but best buy refunded me a bunch)
    5 x 16GB TPs
    4 x touchstones (avg price probably $65/ea)
    3 x folio cases (near retail pricing too)
    2 x keyboards (near retail pricing too)

    all in all I'm guessing in the $1300 range

    Add to that a Pre2 I bought recently for ~$400, a Pre3 I bought for $750 and another Pre3 (should be picking it up at the post office tomorrow - came from greece), and I ordered another Pre3 for about the same price from the UK earlier today. Also a veer I got for $0.01

    So far about $100 in various apps/games and another ~$43 worth of apps/games using the $50 hp credit since July 1st.

    So all in about $3300 at this point ?

    Before the TP I had used a Pre- for almost 2 years - retired it early this year as it was mostly broken, that was my first Palm branded device. I am pretty hooked on the platform, hopefully I have enough stock pile to last a while (at least 2 TPs+ touchstones + folio cases are going to family as gifts)

    Certainly more than I expected to pay in the grand scheme of things, but these are desperate times for the webos faithful.

    I can't stay mad at HP myself after all that's gone on - HP bought 3PAR not long after they bought Palm, and I'm at least as passionate about 3PAR as I am WebOS(if not more so) though I can't afford to buy a quarter million dollar storage system to put in my apartment(even if I did I wouldn't have enough p o r n to make it very useful). 3PAR is kicking serious a s s in HP.
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    $99 on 16gb Touchpad
    $37 on Touchstone charging dock
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    32GB TouchPad - $370 USD approximate
    Apps - $10
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    32GB TouchPad, Touchstone, HP Case, HP Keyboard - $400 (bought prior to firesale locally)

    16GB TouchPad x2 - $200 (Gave one to dad. The other stored away to be opened 50 years from now.)

    I don't regret buying the 32GB at all. Love WebOS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tikerz View Post
    16GB TouchPad x2 - $200 (Gave one to dad. The other stored away to be opened 50 years from now.)
    that stored one might be worth more in the future as being a collectible item from HP....ha ha ha

    might end up in that show called "it's worth what!?
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    Touchstone - $40
    Stand/Case Combo - $40
    Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard - $40

    Total - $120 (got the Touchpad as a "gift" from my Mom for doing all the legwork back and forth twice from Walmart to buy three Touchpads for the family as gifts)
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    2x HP TouchPad 32GB - $300
    2x HP Case - $70
    2x HP Touchstone - $90

    TOTAL: $460

    Hmm, not bad at all. I spent more than that on just one iPad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrasherx2k1 View Post
    ... Same goes to you Wal Mart who even price match their damn website price wise!
    FYI... and Walmart (B & M) are not the same company. That's why they don't match the prices on the website.

    HP TouchPad - $149 (plus tax of course).
    OEM Case - $29
    Targus Case (for some extra protection) - $14
    Touchstone - $35
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    16gb TP- 89
    Touchstone- 30
    HP case - 20
    neoprene sleeve- 1
    asphalt 6- 3

    total 143- happy days
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    55 on Touchstone
    15 on Folio Case/Stand
    15 on 2 Screen Protectors (Clear)
    6 on KalemSoft Video App

    TP is now screaming with the removal of Speed-Choking software, and new update of
    F15 Eagle/and Govnah. Very nice performing tablet;forget about how cheap it was
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