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    on the same side as the volume rocker at the bottom there is a little black window. i thought this was some type of sensor but i really can't find any info on it.
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    it would have been for a sim card for a gsm radio equipped model. On the wifi model it contains your serial number.
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    Push it pops open.

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-20-11 @ 4:25pm EDT. P/O# 43839XX HP Order# 0305395XX reassigned to HP Order# 035751XX. Received email on 9-2-11 for delivery in 2 weeks. SHIPPED 9-19-11.

    Ordered 1 32Gb TouchPad on 8-21-11 @ 10:16pm EDT. P/O# 44305XX HP Order# 0305569XX. Received email on 9-7-11 for delivery in 6-8 weeks.

    Picked up a 32Gb TouchPad Demo unit from Walmart on 8-30-11 after much negotiation...and Love it!
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    wooa..I kept the plastic on until today..I was trying to keep it nice until i settled on a case but now the plastic is all dirty and torn up..finally removed it..

    Never saw this before! Gdarn HP! why couldnt they have just made a full fledged SD card TP would be EOOOONs better
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    lol i bought 1 of those ipad folio cases for 5bucks and cut out a hole for that slot cause i thought it was the light sensor. oh well no biggie

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