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    I wanted to hear your opinion regarding getting notifications (little icon next to the wifi signal in the status bar) when it comes to software or app updates. I got on mobile chat today with webos help, and they were completely unhelpful and I ended up disconnecting as I was sick of answering the same questions.

    If you go into the help file under software manager there is a section labeled "updating applications from a notification" It indicates that you should receive notifications when an update is available for an app. I have never received one and I am only aware of an application if I manually go into the software manager and check for updates.

    The Webos chat guy thought this was only reserved for OTA Updates for firmware, the help file specifically states its for apps you have downloaded.

    Does anyone get this notification on their tab? FYI, I get all other notifications, facebook, email, etc... have tried restarting and all of that.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I do get the "N software updates available" notification. It's not always prompt (sometimes I'll see the updates first while browsing the catalog). And sometimes I'll click the notification to launch Software Manager ... and it will say "no updates available". I do see it for third party apps downloaded from the HP App Catalog. I don't see a notification for updates of apps downloaded via Preware (nor do I expect to).
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    It seems to be hit and miss, sadly. Sometimes I get the notification stating there are X number of app updates. Sometimes I run Software Manager and that doesn't show any updates but when I go into the App Catalog I can see some updates, as happened today.

    I just get into a routine of tapping Software Manager and just checking the App Catalog. Not ideal and it would be great if the actual notifications just worked.
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    Yes I agree it's hit or miss. But I check the app catalog daily so it doesn't bother me. I hope they fix it in the next update.

    Come to think of it though, on my Pre-, I don't get any notifications of app updates either. Today I remembered to go into the app catalog and hit the package button and saw 5 apps need updating.
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