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    l just want to know if any body got a phone call and email from newegg telling you that they have the touchpad back in stock and did anyone complete a order from newegg.
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    I just got my call today and its ordered. Whooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo

    Yes that is awesome to get one.
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    is this only for people who are on a wait list or something?
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    I don't find it when I search their site
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    any links pls..
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    Yes just if you did the auto notify back around Aug 22. If you didn't get the urgent email you are not getting one. They verify so if you didn't then your out of luck.

    I'm still in shock that I got one after the hell I been thru to try to get one.The gas I spent and hours I waisted trying to get the TP.

    Well good luck to you guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PreNewbieSV View Post
    any links pls..
    You had to have set up an auto-notify back on Aug 22nd.

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