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    Are the HP Touchpad support online chat reps in India or USA?

    I believe all the phone reps are in India because I always get
    reps whose names are clearly Indian.

    However, when I chat with Touchpad support online, their names
    are always Joseph, Michael, Mary, Leila... (based on the chat logs
    that they emailed me afterwards)

    Just wondering....
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    Probably in the Philippines.
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    Wherever they're from, they've got to be native, or long time, English speakers. When I've "talked" to them on chat, they're obviously very comfortable with the English language.

    BTW if you DO need help, I've found the people on the chat very friendly & helpful and willing to keep working with me until the problem is solved.
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    Called three times and all are from the phillipines.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sychan View Post
    Called three times and all are from the phillipines.
    This was news to me until I called Sprint for help, got to chatting about other stuff and he told me he was in the Philippines. I guess thats where the cheapest labor is now.

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