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    I got a 32 GB touchpad today, and have been searching quite a lot the last week on these forums, to find the step by step on how to activate with Impostah - to get the UK app cat (I live in Norway).

    Does anyone know if there is such a tread (touchpad activating for dummies) ? Please help :-)

    Thank you!

    Best regards,

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    I haven't used Impostah but there is a thread dedicated to it here.
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    Thank you, but I cannot seem to find any clue of howe to install impostah on the touchpad to get the right country for first time activation (eg. for me Uk).

    Anyone else have any tips, because I think it is possible to do this.

    Can I use meg UK activated HP Pre 3 profile, and log into that via the touchpad?
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    I believe, unlike the phones, the TouchPad can be activated anywhere and one can still chose the app catalog they wish to ahve access to. Just make sure that when you first activate you chose the country that you want for the app catalog.

    DISCLAIMER: I PERSONALLY CANNOT VOUCH FOR THIS. But this is what I have gathered from various reports/posts in this forum. Ofcourse to be doubly sure, one could use Impostah to do the first time activation/registration.

    LINK: -> Global Paid App Catalog Access for new unlocked GSM Pre 2/Pre 3/Veer (using Impostah)

    Although these instructions are not explicitly for the TouchPAd, I don't see why they won't apply.
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