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    It's is not loading this morning (9/7).

    wonder if others have the same problem.

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    If I leave it on FEATURED it maintains a white screen. Select CATEGORIES and you will get in.
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    mine did not go that far. It's is stuck on the HP flashing shopping bag.
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    did you update it? I had an app catalog update when I rebooted this morning
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    thank you both.

    I did a reboot and now It's loads. Did not have to update.

    I love webOS but many corners are not being sanded yet, LOL.
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    the latest version of Pivot doesn't load correctly for me, so featured is a black white screen. i can swipe across to the next page and it works, but there are one or two other blank pages in it. very strange. reboot doesn't help. guess it didn't download successfully?
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    I havent been able to load it for a week or so now, what gives? My wifes Touchpad the same, just sits on the loading screen forever. I reboot the device to no avail, suggestions?
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    After I rebooted (hold down Power button and front screen button for 15 seconds), it worked fine.

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