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    Last week, I Homebrewed my TouchPad using Uberkernal and made sure to follow all the correct patches in the Getting Started guide. Everything seemed to work fine for about a week. This past weekend, I decided to use the F15C Kernal to clock it to 1.7 and it worked flawlessly for one two days. Two nights ago, the battery was low so I plugged it in to charge, the next morning, I took it off of the charger and when I got home 14 hours later, it was deader than a doornail. I thought maybe the batter was dead, so I plugged it back into the charger, but nothing.

    It appears for some reason the TouchPad has decided to be a doorstop. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas?

    It will not power up at all.

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    Hold down the power button and the center button for 15 seconds. This should hard reboot the unit (you should see the glowing Hp symbol). I had a similar situation that I tracked down to an HP backup issue. Every time it backed up, the TouchPad froze. I had to turn off backup (clear the backup cache on the server), turn it back on and then manually do the backup. I haven't had a problem since.
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    I had this problem last night. I was so scared I thought my TP was dead. Try this,

    Hold your Wall Charger and twist the tip (where the outlet prongs are) to the right. You will hear a click sound and try to charge it again, see what happens. BTW, I can't remember if it was twist to right or twist to left, you can do a trial and error.

    Good luck.

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