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    layman's language please
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nychotxxx View Post
    layman's language please
    Right back atcha...

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    add .2
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    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here but if you're asking how to go from 1.5ghz to 1.7ghz, then just install one of the 3 Kernels that allows you to overclock to 1.7ghz.

    If you already have Uberkernel and clocked at 1.5ghz then install the Recovery Palm Kernel and reboot, then install one of the other 3 (Warthog, F15, F4).
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    Since those kernels are for 'advanced' users who agree to a strict of rules to install them, the developers don't want the process described in 'layman terms' because using testing kernels can seriously Bork your device. If you want to learn and then install, go to the WebOS-Internals forum under "Homebrew".

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