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    Hello everyone, been lurking for a long time. Never really had problem either with Pre 2 nor the touchpad until now.

    The TP is fully patched, overclocked to 1.72, I have the volume patch and punch of other stuff.


    1. Every now and then (has happened alot lately) the TP just completely forgets everything. For example none of the account and settings will be remembered. Facebook account disappears, skype account disappears, all browser preferences turn off and no default search engine. I wouldn't even be able to add search engines. A Luna or device restart usually returns everything back but doing it 6-7 times a day gets annoying.

    2. I still can't fix the Wi-fi issues where it can't even connect to known networks (IP configurations failed)

    3.When ever it fall to autosleep, when i turn it back on and play youtube, there is no sound. The only fix i know of is to hold power. It seems like the power's alert sound makes the sound come back.
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    UPDATE : the sound is fixed but browser is still acting up. After a while it forgets my history and bookmarks, I won't be able to use the address bar as a search bar and all my browsers preferences turn off.

    help would be alperciaged.

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