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    Does anyone know if there is an upgrade path to get a 3G or 4G module in an existing device that only has wifi and bluetooth?

    I am tethering off of my Pre2 but would rather have an internal mifi if the upgrade is at all possible
    HP Touchpad, Palm Pre2.

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    No. The SoC (ARM CPU, chipset, etc.) doesn't support it. Your only option is to tether.
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    Just get a Mi-Fi which is available now with 3G or 4G - provides Wi-Fi from a cell tower
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    I never thought I would want Cellular built into a device like a tablet, but after turning the hotspot on my Pre 2 on and off several times each day I am thinking the convenience might be worth it... Fingers crossed that SOMEBODY licenses webOS and we get a Verizon LTE TouchPad someday

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