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    As I mentioned in another thread earlier, I just set up my GF's TP today. I "cloned" hers so she can have all the apps I already downloaded.

    Now, once every hour or so, both her TP and mine beeps and displays a message saying "Trying to share? If you would like to share a webpage, Bluetooth must be turned on."

    It's getting annoying and I don't know how to disable this permanently.

    Can anyone help?

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    I think I found out what this msg means. Basically, TP can share info (contacts, webpages, etc) with Pre3 (based on what I read on Engadget review of TP). Therefore, I'm guessing, having 2 TP's next to each other activates their proximity sensor triggering this message about turning on bluetooth to share info....
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    Ya, it seems like it's trying to activate TTS via the coils inside. You should try pairing them to see if you can share URL's between the two.
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    try messaging eachother...that'd be cool and extremely pointless

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