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    anyone think the last batch of Touchpads will have lower build quality?
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    i doubt it, the manufacturers are under contract and HP will still have to warranty the item
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    I only have a recent one... Nothing for me to compare it to.
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    I can't even imagine a TouchPad with lower build quality, honestly.
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    I think what happened is this: in manufacturing the TouchPad, HP ended up with a lot of left over pieces (screens, batteries, cases, motherboards) due to differences in MOQ's (minimum order quantities) between the different suppliers. Basically the screen supplier says the price is "x" based on a MOQ of 150,000 pieces while the battery supplier says the price is "y" based on a MOQ of 200,000 pieces. At the point where HP decided to discontinue the TouchPad they realized that they had already committed to and paid for say 70% of the parts of another 100,000 units, and it would be cheaper for them to complete the 100,000 units and sell them at firesale prices than it would be to scrap those parts they had already paid for.

    I don't think it will mean lower quality because when they sell them they will be committed to warranty-ing them just like the previous shipments, and they couldn't afford the headache of sending out inferior products.
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    there is also the issue of the sale or spin off of HP PSG. Any warranty obligation would go with that group.

    Also - some of the suppliers and companies assembling TP's may feel screwed over by HP, and feel that strict QC on their end may not be worth it.

    I would assume HP has some kind of controls in place, though, and if anything fishy shows up - like more defects than normal- they'd be on it.
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    I don't think so since they still have a 1 year warranty ad they would have much more returns and replacements and it would cost them even more

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