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    My GF was jealous of my new TP (I tried to get her one but couldn't) and so she got one off of Craigslist.

    She asked me to spice up her TP so I was going to install Preware, all the patches, and OC to 1.5, just like mine.

    First thing I did was "clone" hers so all the apps I have are loaded into hers. Then the OS was updated.

    Before I installed the Preware and patches, I wanted to test hers and mine side by side to see how much speed difference, if any, was there.

    I was surprised to find out there was HARDLY any difference! All the patches I have, along with minimized logging, and OC to 1.5 made NEGLIGIBLE difference.

    The apps loaded virtually simultaneously (mine may be 0.5 seconds quicker), some websites loaded faster in hers than mine (CNET, for example), Youtube loaded 0.5 second quicker in mine, etc.

    My conclusion, based on my unscientific tests, is that all the patches, minimized logging, and OC to 1.5 do NOT make noticeable difference. Anyone who says they SEE huge difference are kidding themselves or are very prone to placebo effects.
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    Despite video proof that there is a difference between 1.2Ghz and 1.5Ghz.
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    the wobble went away on the icons when swiping from one page to the other...
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    yeah the video 'proof' is clear evidence there's not much difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aware View Post
    yeah the video 'proof' is clear evidence there's not much difference.
    Yea... What he said.
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    I watched the video and the only difference I saw was minute at best. Is it worth installing all the patches and overclocking? To some sure, to most probably not. Just my 0.02.
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    I, just today, doctored my TP backed to stock as I have a box coming from HP tomorrow to ship it back to them (repair) and I was honestly shocked; after using it for about 10 minutes and letting it settle down (along with minimizing logging; no preware, though), there really wasn't that huge of a difference from what I could tell. That is, coming from 1.5ghz uberkernel and most optimization patches. Yeah, some apps opened a bit slower and bogged down faster when multi-tasking, but I don't have those annoying 5 second freezes and (after killing touch sensitivity/smoothness patch) the UI seemed more responsive than I remembered it. I'm very interested to see what Palm is going to brew up with the next OTA webos version with their 'functional' improvement promise.
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    Go to 1.728Ghz and you'll see a DRAMATIC difference. I mean it's like night and day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by frontloader View Post
    Go to 1.728Ghz and you'll see a DRAMATIC difference. I mean it's like night and day.
    Well, I would rather have longer battery life so I may eventually try 1.7 but not right now.
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    on 1.7 and have been using tab for four hours straight of web browsing. 50% battery left.
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    I have been running 1.728 for several weeks... No noticeable difference in battery life from stock imho, but way better performance. Can't explain why though. Perhaps because only one core is active until both are needed?
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    Based on what I've read so far, when you OC, the max (whether 1.5 or 1.7) frequency does not happen until there is sufficient load to trigger it. Therefore, the extra battery drain on 1.5 or 1.7 is not that much greater than stock if you don't run cpu intensive tasks. I'm guessing at 1.5, it's about 10% and at 1.7 about 20% extra battery drain. So not a huge deal but I guess I don't see the gain in performance just yet (at 1.5 OC in my case).
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    Quote Originally Posted by next_milenium View Post
    Well, I would rather have longer battery life so I may eventually try 1.7 but not right now.
    You're correct about not seeing much difference on 1.5Ghz, I tried all 4 Testing Kernels available and best one for me in terms of noticeable speed was the F4 at 1.7Ghz. You definitely see a difference there. I compared it side by side to stock touchpad.

    It also helps to have a good wireless N router, before I changed mine I had a belkin G and it was so slow compared to now.
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    Well from my playing with it find this. There is not much of a difference at all.. until you need it. See you really only use one CPU until you need the other one then it kicks in. well just opening and closing app's and swiping thought doors really does not use that much processor speed.

    I did not relies this until I tested it all out my self side by side. If you want to see a difference run a game like "tanks" side by side with a 1.2ghz and a 1.5ghz (with all the patches and logging)... its night and day. If the TP had more app's that really used the specs you would see it more... but you will hardly notice it with the rest of the crap apps. I also noticed a BIG difference running movies (all formatted differently for the test). All the movies where much smother.

    For a side note i love mt TP and the Webos OS.
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    Personally I too do not find a dramatic improvement with 1.5 over 1.2. But, 1.7 and now 1.8 are another story altogether. There is clearly visible, dramatic difference from 1.2. As for battery lifee, I have not noticed much difference if any at all. Personally I feel, that if you are not running 1.7/1.8 then you are not experiencing the tPad as it ought to be.
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    If you guys that stopped at 1.5GHz want to bury your heads in the sand and stay there (or stock), that's definitely your decision. However, unless you've actually tried a fully, properly patched 1.728GHz+ setup you just can't assume it's not drastic.

    Sure, it doesn't sound like that much more really (especially after jumping from 1.2 to 1.5) but that's your mistake, assuming it wont matter much. When it comes to devices like these, the "snappiness" of menus and such makes for a drastic difference in feel even if the raw numbers don't necessarily add up on paper. It's hard to quantify without seeing it first hand so if you're curious try it. Then uninstall it after a week and you'll feel the difference, believe me.

    Take it from someone who has a bone stock, bought the same day, nearly the same serial number TP right next to the modified 1.728ghz and patch/tweaks
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    i find the difference between 1.2 and 1.5 is vast. I was amazed how how much more fluid and responsive the TP became.
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    I just started to write a manifesto reply.. But stopping

    I want kernel devs to keep doing what they do. Performance boosts are great, but it doesn't always work out that way. The TP hasn't been out for very long, and I'm pretty sure the patches and tweaks will keep coming. Testing has its risks, but I think it's exciting nonetheless.. (And I have 3 bricked phones in my drawer that disagree)

    F15 Kernel oc to 1.7 has been great for me so far.

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