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    I have been using my Palm Pre, Palm Pre+ and the touchpad to access my emails on without any issues for over a year. However, this was with pop3 settings and now I have setup all my devices for IMAP except for the TP (and no longer using the Pre's anymore) which just wont accept to sign in. It says it dont recognize those authentication methods.

    I have done everything according to the instructions and same as I have setup things on other devices and it did not work! I then tried fiddling with the settings and have tried all alternatives, variations and still no success. I did get manage to login and RECEIVE emails but no sending available.

    Anyone know how to resolve this? If this does NOT work with the default MAIL application, do you know if any of the other mail clients would support IMAP (with
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    I don't use 1and1 but had no joy setting up IMAP to my Dreamhost emails. I downloaded their cert, followed instructions on the wiki but no go. I think the IMAP support on the TP is a bit funky tbh.
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    Check your settings for outgoing mail (SMTP):
    authentication, SSL and port 465.

    I don't have but

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