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    I been using it from 100% till its drain (I heard its good for the battery to "learn" its capacity that way)

    and noticed that my battery indicator had been sitting in 0% for like an hour before it finally ran out and shut it self down

    anyone else having this problem?
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    Problem? LOL. Yes. Mine will work at 0% for a while before finally dying.
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    yes this seems to be normal behaviour. Mine does the same. Seems like it might be a battery calibration issue.
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    isn't that wired? Lol
    "my battery is at 0% but you can continue use me if you like"
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    calibrate it using the Dr. Battery app, found in Preware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blue duck butter View Post
    calibrate it using the Dr. Battery app, found in Preware.
    'calibrate not yet support on this device.':-(
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    Look first of all you should avoid draining the battery -- lithim ion batteries do not like to be drained all the way
    2nd the reported percent of battery is a function of the UI. The way the charger works for webOS phones (i would guess most phones) and tablets is that when the battery is fully charged it will start to trickle charge up and down from 95% to 100% -- they did not want to have people complaining that their device had sat on the charger for 12 hours and was at 95% -- this is also true at the bottom end -- the math takes the display to 0 long before the battery actually reaches o -- my advice is get it on a charger when every you can
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