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    okay so I just ordered a touchpad but I thought it came with 3.0.0 am I correct? For the 3.0.2 do I have to meta doctor?
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    Nope, once your 'Pad is hooked up to a wifi network, just go to the System Updates app in the setting menu and go from there. It'll download straight to your tablet and install. No doctoring needed.
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    if it comes with 3.0.0, the update app should update it for you. If that fails, you would do a regular doctor, not a meta-doctor.
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    whoa this HP TOUCHPAD forum is alive unlike the rest of precentral. All the forums(pre, pre 3, pre 2, etc) aren't as lively as this one. I get my touchpad tomorrow!!! Can't wait.
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    Congratulations, the waiting must be killing you. You're gonna love the TouchPad.
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    wow thanks. I'm finally gettinf rid of webos on pre. I will not get a pre 2 nor switch carriers to get pre 3. I'm so done with this badly made phones from HP. To show my loyalty to webos, I bought the touchpad instead of the Ipad. I will be getting the Iphone 5 soon and didn't wanna let go of webos just yet. So I will be getting mine tomorrow and I can't wait. The touchpad is really really popular right now.

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