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    I never got the email with the promo code to purchase apps but I got the code at palms website. Been using the code to purchase apps for awhile now and had about $22 left but when I went to use it again today my promo code was gone. Like HP took it away from me. I already got ****ed by paying $500 for my touchpad vs the lucky people who only payed $149 on top of my Touchpad taking a **** on me and having to get it replaced with a refurbished unit so this really ****es me off.
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    if you know the code, did you try typing it in. My code also disappeared, but clicking on the email, allowed me to get it back.
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    Sorry to hear.

    I never got a code.
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    the code is like 20 something random characters long, I would be really impressed with anyone who can remember their code.
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    if you got a code then you got an email with it so search your mailbox and/or login to your palm account on the web its listed there.

    Link for palm account:
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    Mine's still showing fine on their website when I log into my Palm Profile.
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    Mine's fine, I even used it today to buy a couple apps...
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    just checked mine and it is still there.
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    What did you guys get this code for? Hadn't heard of this.
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    early adopters got 50 to buy apps. HP gave this out. Mine still shows.

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